The controversy of determining the most effective way to help others has long been rife in society. It was especially raised by popular philosopher Peter Singer, although he is much more well-known for his discussion of the best approach in treating animals better. While giving money to charities is certainly a popular choice, the amount of effort and money that must be contributed to such causes must be considered carefully for the most effective result. Of course, the issues represented by such charities are paramount to such decision-making processes, and the urgency of these issues. Scams are also a possibility. Here, we list the top 3 most trustworthy charity organizations to consider donating to in Canada.

World Vision Canada

Certainly a popular choice amongst many donators and fundraisers, this charity follows stories of less fortunate individuals escaping from third world countries, bereft of resources and any money. Also boosting poor communities to have access to the basic human rights of living with the necessary resources of clean water and enough food, they not only aim at relieving immediate crises (such as lack of clean water and food) but also long-term goals so that communities can stand on their own.

These include empowering their economic base by encouraging practices such as farming and a flourishing agricultural environment, and providing educational services so that the current generation can persist on making improvements and bring in better, innovative changes to the state of the society.

Centre For Addiction and Mental Health Foundation

Throughout history, mental illnesses have always been a cause for stigma in societies, be it due to the superstitions surrounding such deviant health issues, or by the general conviction of the ‘madness’ and ‘craziness’ surrounding the individual affected. As such, not much funding has been allocated to the scientific research behind finding the most efficient medication for mental health problems.

Money that has been donated in the past decade has seen much output and breakthroughs in the science community of psychological health so far. These include discovering the right combination of dietary requirements to eliminate the appearance of those who potentially are susceptible to postpartum depression.

The War Amps

Although diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis have been popular choices for people willing to donate to causes whereby cures are much more likely with more time and effort poured into research, as well with more updated technology, the War Amps strive to make the lives of amputees much more meaningful. One of the noblest causes they commit to is their ongoing funding and support of war amputees who have sacrificed a functioning limb in wartime and emerged with a more pessimistic outlook to life and a disability that would stay with them for the rest of their lives. For the more unfortunate such as child amputees, they are involved in financial assistance.