As the Canadian climate is not the most pleasant due to its many cold and wet days, there are a variety of both indoor and outdoor marathons to choose from- most fundraising charities though, are based outdoors. Nevertheless, detailed reviews have shown that regardless of the initial discomfort of being in such weather, complaints of the climate soon fades into the background and the toll of running in such a race soon yields fruits of pride and donations to help those who need it. After all, not everything is about comfort when there is an opportunity to be altruistic and help others. Payment can always be done through cheques , and not hard cash. As always, always check first that the charities listed are legitimate through the Canadian government website. The list below details some of the most popular marathon races that are both enjoyable.

How to Pick the Right Marathon Event to Attend

Not everyone can run a 50-mile marathon and not suffer repercussions of fatigue for weeks afterwards, or even, may experience complications on the track. Although the potential donation that may amount from the completion of such an event may result to a lofty amount from sponsoring corporations, it is always essential to prioritize your health above all else. Heart attacks on marathons are common and heat strokes, even more frequent. Ensure that your limits of strenuous exercise are identified first before embarking on a potentially dangerous fundraiser even if exercise is not normally part of your routine.

The cause you have selected for is also quintessential for a pleasant time- it would become the base of the motivating force pushing you to complete the marathon to the best of your ability. In an ideal world, this would be fulfilled, but if not, then at least try to learn more about the aims of the charity that is being donated to, and understand the ways they try to impact society. There really is no point in participating in a marathon where you have no clue about what is being encouraged and whether this aligns with your own views. Indeed, the whole event may as well be a failure if it betrays one of its most fundamental goals: raising awareness of their goals in the issue they are promoting to be solved or at least be alleviated for those that are affected by it.

Recommendation: the Around the Bay Race

For beginners, the Around the Bay Race is a great starter in that it is one of the most popular and oldest races around America (even older than the Boston Marathon!), and segments its marathons into different races, so for those who are more elderly, or those who cannot partake in strenuous exercise for whatever reason, can choose the race that best suits them.