A fundraiser for charity does not necessarily have to be expensive to entice people to engage in the activities available and donate indirectly. Indeed, some organizations such as the Red Cross Donation welcome donations of furniture and other used second-hand items to sell and use the money earned for altruistic purposes. But for different situations, different methods must be used to guarantee an effective transfer of money from a willing audience where the fundraiser is not disadvantaged.

Fundraising for an Individual

Although it may sound like a huge task at hand, it doesn’t have to be a major stressor. There are many ways for an individual to raise money. It could be done through websites such as GoFundMe.com where an official fundraiser is set up and promoted on different social platforms (such as Instagram and Tumblr) to encourage donations.

This is a popular choice for individuals with a lot of social media influence already and going through individual financial hardships. Many who have bonded quite well with their followers find that many of them (followers) are willing to donate for their well-being. Others choose to set up such fundraisers in order to gather money for a charity they are emotionally attached to. One such example is the disaster in Sudan where hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised so far to help the victims.

Fundraising for a Household

There are two ways to go about raising money as a family effort, either passively or actively, and neither is too pricey. Many organizations such as the Red Cross Foundation accept donations of second-hand items to be sold, and its profit used to buy supplies for those in need. This is especially useful when moving houses and ridding of extra baggage, or in a redecoration spree, such donations can still be translated into monetary value.

Another way the family can raise money for charity is by producing food products and selling these to the community while raising awareness of the cause from the charity. Considering the cheapness of food ingredients compared to organizing massive concerts and other activities to entice people, perhaps baking cupcakes is a fun way to donate and spread sugary goodness around town.

Fundraising for the Community

Community fundraisers may be organized by the council, or simply by a cluster of families eager to promote a familial atmosphere within their suburb. These can range from a small community sausage sizzle whereby each dollar earned from that and other activities that cost an entry fee to participate, is donated to a chosen charity. This is also a great opportunity to raise awareness on particular issues in such large gatherings, and an eloquent speaker is often invited to host the event, giving speeches at intervals.