What better event is there, to fundraise money, than a communal gathering which welcomes all to participate in the form of a sport? Culturally ingrained in society, the competitive spirit of sport fosters a sense of goodwill and amicable atmosphere amongst participants, as well as releasing endorphins; in other words, it’s positive for the community and the individual. This works either way in raising money; it encourages the whole community to contribute more to the group effort in raising money where there is no boundary of too much and too little. Marathons are still the popular choice, but even eSports races are considered competitive by the professionals, as video games are especially popular amongst youths and young adults who enjoy the thrill of stimulated virtual realities.

Marathons and the Terry Fox Run

Depending on which marathon participants get involved in, the nature of how they raise money is very different and should be taken into consideration. While some marathons are purely there to raise awareness on a particular issue, others are more active and involve more pro-active fundraising events, such as requiring all those who participate to pay an entrance fee, which then gets donated to the specific charity. Other more prominent charities also gain the attention of huge corporations who are always on the lookout for opportunities to elevate their status and reputation amongst potential customers. Hence, they often offer to sponsor marathons or provide agreements for the money they are willing to donate, depending on the number of participants present. However, many marathons these days have no corporate sponsorship.

The Terry Fox Run is one such marathon and is a fun charitable marathon held annually in different parts of the world (including Canada), and was founded by Terry Fox, a cancer activist. The Terry Fox Foundation has raised $750 million since its inception, and in 2013, donated $27.7 million specifically for cancer research.

Racing in eSports

As with any online fundraiser, money is usually paid through transfers either directly from a bank account or through alternative methods, such as PayPal or Pioneer, depending on what is supported. Occasionally, the famous (such as celebrities or popular YouTubers) also join in and participate, spurring on fans to also play to raise money. Nowadays, due to the overwhelming popularity of gaming as a form of entertainment, there are organisations structured around using this as a platform to raise money for charity, such as Immortals. They have raised millions of dollars for charities who have signed up for their donations, such as cancer research centres. As a consumer trend that is exponentially growing over the years, the prospect of continuing eSports fundraising remains high on the agenda for many corporations with such a large, enthusiastic audience base.